Blood Detoxification by Fruit Juices - Body Detox

Most fruits and green vegetables have majority of nutrients needed by body to function effectively. Many foreign chemical substances enter the body through food we eat, drinks and contact with our skins. This impurities get in the blood slowly and alter the normal functionalities of body parts by causing different effects that impair functionality of blood as a tool to circulate food to body cells.

Having a clean blood is a sure way to avoid most of ailments and disorders we go through everyday. Having seen the importance of having purified blood, we discuss juice as a blood purification and detoxification tool.


Juices from commonly found fruits and vegetables are effective than most available commercial blood purification drugs. Fruits and vegetables differ in method of juice extraction but juice is the preffered product other than eating whole fruit or vegetable. This is because a single serving of a fruit contains less nutrients than a single serving of the juice from the same fruit. The other reason is that juice takes less time to get absorbed in the body than the whole fruit or vegetable that has to be digested before absorption.

Blood Detoxification by Fruit Juices - Body Detox

Green leafy vegetables contain chlorophyll and are good sources of plant juices. The chlorophyll is essential in cleansing impurities in blood and providing minerals as well. promoting regularity and reducing damage of cells from radiation. Wheatgrass, barley alfalafa vegetables are plants rich in chlorophyll and good sources of juice for blood detoxification.

Other sources include juice from lemons, carrots, cabbages and other fruits and leafy vegetables.

Blood Detoxification by Fruit Juices - Body Detox

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