A Liver Detox Recipe That Really Works

In today's modern society of fast living and processed foods, our bodies, and our livers in particular, can take a real pounding! The liver is the organ that has the job of filtering and removing harmful toxins and waste from our bodies. When there is too much build up of toxins and congestion in our systems from our 'not so healthy' eating habits, we can start to feel unwell in a number of ways. This is why it is a good idea to take the time to regularly detox our bodies. There are several ways you can do this and the following is a simple, yet effective, liver detox recipe that will help to have you feeling better again in no time.

The most effective liver detox recipes usually end up in liquid form and the best of these is one that contains a combination of 4 specific vegetables. Take 1 carrot, 1/2 beetroot, 1 stick of celery and 1 cucumber. Start by washing all the vegetables and peeling the carrot and beetroot. Then dice all the ingredients and blend them in a juicer. This drink is most effective taken at breakfast time, as the body has fasted overnight and, hence, is not overly full of undigested food.


There are several other liver detox recipes that you can try as well. These contain herbs, such as milk thistle, dandelion root and fringe tree, as well as fruits and vegetables that are high in fiber.

A good functioning liver is vital for our health and well being, so it would be wise to try a liver detox recipe regularly, especially if you tend to over-indulge. Better still, try to avoid fatty, starchy food as much as possible, eat plenty of fresh fruit and veges and drink lots of filtered water every day. The more you stick to this simple plan, the happier and healthier your liver will be.

A Liver Detox Recipe That Really Works

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