Fruit Detox Diet - Complete Body Detox With Fruits

A number of substances such as alcohol, tobacco, and pesticides etc. get deposited over time in our body. These are responsible for various health issues such as being over weight, acne, and allergic skin. Detoxification is process of eliminating these toxins from the body. There are a lot of cleansing diets to choose from. But fruit detox diet has gained great popularity for the following reasons:

-Body cleansing with this is economical
-Fruits are nutrition rich
-These are rich source of fiber
-Improves the eyesight
-Improves concentration and memory
-Reduces stress
-Enhances endurance and energy
-It has high palatable efficiency
-There is no subtle side effect


Here you don't eat anything but fruits during the cleansing period. The only two options available to you are:

-Fresh fruits
-Freshly squeezed organic juices

Acidic citrus fruits such as lemons, key limes, and grapes are best for detoxification. Unlike juice fasting or lemonade fasting you are eating the whole fruit here. So there are less chances of constipation. A glass of fresh juice is the best way to start the day. It is recommended that for the first half of the day consume nothing but fruit juices and for the second half five different fruits should be consumed.

During the process you should:

-Prohibit yourself from junk foods
-Drink plenty of water
-Choose fruits rich in fiber

When you are ill or suffering from any disease you should not go for fruit detoxification diet, because at this stage body vigorously detoxifies itself. So external detoxification program can make your health condition worse. It is also recommended that before engaging yourself with any sort of cleansing program seek advice from your medical practitioner.

Fruit Detox Diet - Complete Body Detox With Fruits

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