The Lemon Detox

The lemon detox diet has been around for the last thirty years in one form or another. In its latest incarnation it is a specific program using a set recipe promoted on the internet. If you don't want to buy the lemon detox product you can find simpler and cheaper versions of the lemonade diet by doing a web search.

If you are a teenager or a pregnant woman most doctors will advise you not to undertake a fast due to the dangers of depriving yourself of vital nutrients. You should also be careful if you have previously suffered from bulimia or anorexia or if you are a diabetic.


If you are experienced in fasting, the lemon detox diet can be undertaken for five to seven days but if you are a beginner it's probably best to attempt it for five days maximum. Although the lemon recipe is meant to be your only source of nutrients, you can make your diet more interesting by the occasional drink of chamomile, rosehip or peppermint tea.

While you are fasting, experts recommend that you should drink about one gallon of liquid every day. This quantity is just a guide so basically just go with what your body feels it needs. Most people who try the lemon detox in any of its forms say that it's best to take the drink whenever you feel hungry. They say it usually soothes the need to eat solid food. The toxins that the detoxing process is supposed to be removing from your body will be diluted by your steady drinking of water or the lemon drink.

Exercise is a major element of any kind of fast. Not that you should do a lot of it, but as with drinking fluids, you should listen to what your body needs rather than follow something you have read in a book. Detox experts claim that exercise could be counterproductive in that it could cause toxins to be absorbed into your body instead of being eliminated. The process of detoxing could make you experience some aches in your body so if it's possible you would benefit by regular bathing in mineral salts.

A fast like the lemon detox will give you a break from your daily routine and provide you with an opportunity to get rid of your addiction to junk food, caffeine, alcohol and carbohydrates. These substances do not contribute to your well-being but do fill your body right up with poisons.

The Lemon Detox

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