Detox My Body: Water Therapy Detox 101

If you want to detox your body without having to go through fasting or 100% liquid detox diets, one simple detoxification program that you can do everyday is water therapy detox. How does it work?

This type of detox program works on the fact that our body is mostly composed of water and our body needs water to function properly. Water maintains the regular flow of fluid between the cells, and is also very important for the chemical functions in the body. Easily, the most important role that water plays is dispersing nutrients through the body's organs, and expelling waste and toxins out of the body.


Water Therapy: How To Do It

In order for this therapy to be effective, you need to use purified water or mineral water. Never use water from the tap as this has been proven to contain heavy metals. You need to have at least three liters of water (more if you have acne or other skin problems). Don't drink that much water all at once. Instead spread the drinking throughout the day. Drinking too much at once affects your heartbeat and can even drown your internal organs.

Immediately after waking up, drink two cups. This awakens your digestive system and you will most likely feel the urge to relieve yourself in the bathroom. Thereafter, take half a cup of water every 10 minutes. AVOID drinking water 30 MINUTES BEFORE meals and ONE AFTER meals to avoid indigestion.

Yes, It's The Lemon

An important aspect of this detox method is lemon. Slice one lemon and squeeze the juice to one liter of water. Put in a little salt. Make sure it's small enough you care barely taste the salt. Now, why do we have to add salt? Putting Vitamin C in the mix aids in digestion, and helps clear the bowels.

In order to succeed at this therapy, carry a water bottle with you wherever you go. Aside from being convenient, it's possible to track exactly how much water you are drinking everyday. The importance of drinking clean water cannot be overemphasized. If you drink too little, you'll be constipated at best. At worst, however, drinking only droplets of water can cause a myriad of preventable diseases.

Detox My Body: Water Therapy Detox 101

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