How Safe is Lemon Juice Detox - Do Not Try it If You Are Looking For a Safe Detox Diet

If you are planning to undergo the Lemon juice detox, then you should continue reading this article. In this article, we will discuss 3 major points, they are - what is this lemonade detox, why is it harmful and does not provide long term result and lastly, what is a better and safer detox diet. After reading this article, you should understand that the famous lemonade detox diet provides only temporary result and is not a rationale approach to your long term health.

The Lemon Juice Detox, which also known as The Master Cleanse, was introduced about 50 years ago. The rationale behind using lemon juice to detox our body is that lemon is a powerful alkalizing agent that can help to restore our body natural state. Whilst the theory seems to be promising, and many people have received great results from it, many people often realize that they only face temporary, short term result. Why is this so?


The reason why the lemonade detox diet is so famous and provides better result than other detox diets is because it uses lemon as the main detox agent. Lemon is one of the cheapest and strongest alkalizing foods. However, it is extremely harmful and dangerous to purely depend on lemonade for detoxification.

How Safe is Lemon Juice Detox - Do Not Try it If You Are Looking For a Safe Detox Diet

Like many other detoxification diets, the lemonade detox diet requires you to starve yourself for about 7-10 days. Many of us know that it has been medically proven that depriving ourselves of important nutrients will result in low metabolism. Since everyone will start to gain toxin after the diet, someone with relatively lower metabolism will accumulate toxin at a faster rate. Therefore, whilst you might experience great detox result in the beginning, the result often only persist for a short period of time.

A safer approach to detoxing your body should be taking a mild detoxification diet that will not deteriorate your metabolism over the course. This will allow you to maintain or even improve your body metabolism so that you will be able to eliminate toxin faster after the diet (not slower). As a result, you will be able to improve your health for a longer period of time.

In conclusion, while the theory of the lemon juice detox is good, it is not a practical approach towards long term health. A better and safer detox diet should be a diet that can improve your metabolism over the course.

How Safe is Lemon Juice Detox - Do Not Try it If You Are Looking For a Safe Detox Diet

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