The 48 Hour Colon Cleanse - Epsom Salt Enema

Many people have been talking about the benefits of doing a 48 hour colon cleanse lately. Even certain celebrities have been endorsing them. The 48 hour colon cleanse involves either ingesting Epsom salt or using it in an enema. While the benefits can be great, there are also very serious risks involved with Epsom salt enemas. Read this short article and be informed so that you can decide what's best for you.

Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate. While magnesium sulfate is relatively safe to ingest, (it is found in many, many foods that we eat), it can be very dangerous if taken in large amounts. It's rare, but deaths have even occurred as a result of too much magnesium sulfate in the system. A condition called hypermagnesemia can set in if someone introduces too much Epsom salt into their system. Often times, different Epsom salt recipes will call for dangerous amounts of magnesium sulfate to be shot into the system and should not be followed.


If you have a preexisting stomach condition like ulcers or heartburn, Epsom salt enemas should not be given. Magnesium sulfate can be hard on the stomach in large amounts and while it will help to clean out the colon, it can do much more harm than good if ingested in large amounts.

Magnesium sulfate can also have very adverse reactions if you are currently taking other medications. There is a laundry list of drugs that do not mix well with magnesium sulfate so if you do decide to perform an Epsom salt enema, you should absolutely ensure that no drugs you are currently taking will conflict. Also, women who are pregnant or nursing should not ingest large amounts of Epsom salt.

Dire consequences rarely occur while performing the 48 hour colon cleanse but you should be aware of the possibilities. Doing an Epsom salt enema is not recommended because of the possibility of adverse side effects and because an enema can be just as effective without it.

The 48 Hour Colon Cleanse - Epsom Salt Enema

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