Salt Water Colon Cleanse - Several Great Tips

A salt water colon cleanse is one of the easiest home remedies to clean out your colon. It is also called 'salt water flush'. This is because it completely cleans out, not just your colon, but also the stomach, small intestine as well as the large intestine. In short, it completely cleanses the digestive system. This master cleanse removes all the toxins, accumulated waste matter, feces, parasites and other harmful components in the digestive tract.

While there are various good laxatives medicines, mixes and enemas available in the market, which seem to do the job better, the salt water flush will clean out the entire system and at a fraction of the cost, using simple kitchen ingredients available on hand.


Procedure for Salt Water Flush

The procedure to do a master cleanse, using the salt water flush is quite simple. You need to ready yourself before you do this procedure by skipping a meal. Most people prefer to do this first thing in the morning, on weekends, when they do not have to leave the house or do anything important.

To prepare the mixture, you need one quart of lukewarm water. Add two or more tablespoons of un-iodized salt or sea salt to it and mix it thoroughly. Using table salt will not have the same effect, so avoid substituting it for the real deal. Drink up this formulation quickly and wait for a few minutes before giving your stomach and your colon a good rub. Some people advise crouching on your knees as it loosens and breaks accumulated waste matter from the lining of the digestive tract, making it easy to be flushed out. This formulation works like an oral enema. Within 30 minutes to two hours, you will feel the pressure build up in the colon and you might have to defecate several times. If you do not feel the bowel movement, you either need to add more salt to the formulation or drink more water to flush out the system. This cleanse will completely clean the system from top to bottom.

However, it is important to note that this colonic cleanse will clean out the good bacteria as well and thus, once the procedure is over, it is advised that you take probiotic supplement to replace the good bacteria.

Salt Water Colon Cleanse - Several Great Tips

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