3 Lung Detoxification Tips to Clean Out Lungs

Lung detoxification is a good way for smokers and non smokers alike to cleanse the impurities and toxins from their lungs to reduce the chances of infection and cancer while improving general respiratory health with easier breathing and higher lung capacity.

The three main methods used to do a lung detox are:


Lung exercises - Breathing in and out is essential exercise for the lungs (and essential to living!) but to get better and healthier lungs you must do more than just inhale and exhale. Lung exercises usually involve inhaling or exhaling deeply at certain intervals and holding or quickly reversing direction to strengthen your lungs and remove the air deepest in the lungs that often have the most impurities. It can also increase lung capacity and dislodge tar and gunk from the lungs.

3 Lung Detoxification Tips to Clean Out Lungs

Nutrition - Like any bodily cleanse a change in nutrition is optimal. More water and more vegetables are the best way to do this and certain foods have been linked to better lung health such as watercress soup and others. This can also boost the bodies natural detox processes and immune system which is good.

Tar removing vitamins - This is the big secret between a change in lifestyle as the other two points are and natural way to fast track your lungs to better health. The biggest problem with a smoker's lungs is that the tar from cigarettes has stopped the toxin removing white blood cells called macrophages from accessing and cleaning the lungs. Tar is hard to get rid of and take several years or more to break down naturally. However this can be sped along to less than a year using some vitamins that have been proven to break up tar into more manageable chunks to be flushed from the body allowing the macrophages to do their work!

3 Lung Detoxification Tips to Clean Out Lungs

If you want to know the exact details on how to do these lung detoxification methods click below to take your first step to better lung health and also to find out how this can help you quit smoking for good as well!

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