A Healthy Detoxification Diet For Your Kidneys

There are plenty of toxins that your body absorbed through air, water and food. These unwanted materials can affect your health negatively. For example, consuming traces of heavy metals can result in a number of neurological dysfunctions. Heavy metals may be contained in the contaminated and unfiltered water that you drink. At the same time, it is not possible to control totally the toxic materials that get absorbed into your body.

On its own, your body detoxifies waste products. However, sometimes, the organs engaged in the role of detoxification becomes overburdened with too much toxins. Hence, it is important to get into the habit of having a detoxification diet.


A detoxification diet may sound new to your ear but it is nothing extraordinary. Your detox diet should basically contain essential nutrients that can help in detoxification and excretion of toxics in your body.

A Healthy Detoxification Diet For Your Kidneys

The kidney is a vital organ that aids in the detoxification process. Although excretion is not its main function, one of its responsibilities is to remove toxic wastes outside of the body in the process of urination. The kidneys actually purify the bloodstream by eliminating body wastes. It filters toxins and other excessive substances that are no longer needed by the body. Because of the importance of the kidney in the detoxification, it is recommended that you have a detoxification diet to help your kidneys effectively flush out toxins out of your body.

If you are serious about your detoxification diet, and you should be, the first thing that you have to do is to eliminate or at least minimize your intake of salty foods. If you are the one cooking food for you and your family, lessen the use of salt when cooking. The objective of a detox diet is to primarily keep your excretory organs, such as your kidneys, to be in its top shape so that it can efficiently eliminate the toxins in your body. Although salt is said to add taste to food, salt can strain your kidneys.

A detoxification diet also requires that you drink plenty of water. The recommended amount would be 8-10 glasses each day. Water can actually reduce the risk of mineral salts into transforming into stones that can interrupt the flirtation mechanisms of your kidneys. Water intake in your detoxification diet can also reduce the risks of other possible kidney problems.

Cranberry fruit and juices should also be part of your detoxification diet. It contains proanthocyanidin that is an essential nutrient in any detox diet. This nutrient is a antioxidant that can help clean and flush out your kidneys.

It may sound tough initially to start on a detoxification diet, especially after years of consuming fast
food and processed foods. In the beginning, you may find yourself craving for salt but if you persevere enough, you can get rid of your addiction to unhealthy food. Consider adopting a detoxification diet that can provide you with great kidney health!

A Healthy Detoxification Diet For Your Kidneys

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