Is a Detox Diet Plan For You?

Some diets are not about losing weight. We often think of dieting as something to get slimmer, but dieting has other uses. Some use it to control diabetes, and some follow a diet that is gluten free because they can not tolerate eating it. Some diets are meant to help someone have better heart health, but do not really help someone lose a lot of weight. There are some diets that can do both, but you have to use them in spurts as they are not a forever type of diet. A detox diet plan is one of those things.

A detox diet plan is often something that should only be done for a few weeks. Most of them are so strict that there is really no way that you could stay on them for very long anyway. They are not meant to be long term, but they can give you the best of both worlds. You can cleanse your body of some toxins and feel better, and you will probably drop a few pounds in the process. They are healthy for a short time, but become unhealthy if you try to do them for longer than recommended by the detox diet plan you are using.


These recommendations are put into place for a reason. Some detox plans have you drink nothing but fruits and vegetables in juice form. These are great additions to any diet plan, but if you do this without eating any other type of food, it can be bad for after a time. Your body needs fiber, and it needs proteins in bigger amounts. However, in the short term. You can detoxify your system and shed both water and fat pounds while juicing it for a set amount of time. Find out what you can do after that time to make it a longer term diet if you really like what it does for your body.

Some detox diet plan ideas are rather extreme. They are so extreme that they can be very unhealthy for you. If you have found one that you think you want to do, but you suspect that it may not be good for you, don't do it unless you get an okay from the doctor. If you are missing certain things in your diet, you can do major damage to some of your internal organs and you can mess up your body's electrolytes. Ask anyone that had low sodium and then had a seizure what they think, or find out about how nasty muscle spasms can be if your diet is too low in potassium.

Though you can go through many strange things will going through a detox diet plan, make sure you are aware of when you need to stop. You may feel weak, but this should pass. You may feel hungry or you may not be able to eat much, but those things should even out too. You know when you are not feeling well and when something is off. Most have good luck with these plans and recommend them to others, but you know your own body, so stop if you feel wrong, and enjoy the results if you find the one that works for you.

Is a Detox Diet Plan For You?

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