What is Master Cleanse Detoxification? - A Mind Body Connection

I can really detoxify my body and my mind? I am sure you are wondering what the heck are you talking about? Detoxification is referred to as a cleansing of the body for healing purposes, getting equilibrium and balance back, and to get harmful substances out of the body naturally allowing vital organs to restore its optimal function and purpose - total healthy well being in your body and mind.

There are numerous biochemical and hormones in your body that regulates your moods, energy levels, and feeling of well-being. Clearing impurities from the body and the digestive system is adding support for all the demands and realities of the body and mind is essential in life. For example, this includes reactions such as sudden upset and nutrient withdrawals that may cause imbalances in the delicate chemical and hormone balances and ultimately your body. Over consuming too many different kinds foods can affect your moods swings, mental clarity and feelings of fatigue or sluggishness. So you see, a healthy body promotes a healthy mind. This is why you must educate yourself before you detoxify for body and learn as much as you can about healthy foods. If done properly you will see a huge improvement in all areas of your body and mind.


The liver is one of the most vital organs in the body when it comes to detoxifying or getting rid of foreign substances or toxins that have been stored for years. It is one of our most important detox organs because naturally eliminates toxins, and maintains many other functions such as glucose levels and the good fats the body need to stay.

Certain authorities suggest the liver-supports nutrients and even liver potency during a general detoxification. The liver needs water and glucose storage for many of its detoxification functions. The importance of a balanced healthy liver helps cleanse mucus along the small intestine, create bulk in the colon, and pull toxins from the gastrointestinal tract. For added support in detoxification process, you can take fibre combined with one or two tablespoons of olive oil. This will help bind the toxins and reduce absorption of the food fats as well as some basic common metals.

The colon is the sewer maintenance facility of your body, another important organ in the detox cleanse. If the waste in your body cannot get out blockages will occur causing major problems. According to researchers, over 140 million people suffer from bowel problems such as irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, and irregularity. So it is essential that the colon is cleansed to keep optimal health. The body's tissues will not eliminate wastes by itself unless the colon is working in proper order. When the colon is cleaned out, the body will start pulling poisons out easily and gently. Excess stored wastes from the colon can leak out and pollute other organs as the bodily systems are interconnected. Other organs can be treated with natural methods when these organs keep being re-irritated by poisons from the colon.

When the body is toxic, cells cannot receive nutrients from the blood because the interstitial fluid surrounding the cells is plugged-up with wastes from sluggish lymphatic system. This internal poisoning also causes mental depression and morbid thoughts. It is a vicious cycle--one condition feeding the other like a dog chasing its tail.

Most people will resort to the convenience of over the counter methods harsh chemicals, laxatives, or other drugs that can cause more damage than good. Other toxins from the environment that the body absorbs are pesticides used on foods and in the air, breath fresheners, perfumed sprays and colognes, makeup. If the colon is cleansed regularly, the other organs can cleanse their waste and it is going to go out of the body. Unless you clean out the colon, you will never regain their optimum health.

Using a detox cleanse on as a regular maintenance regime will not only cleanse the body but enhance the body system to regulate metabolism, improve circulation, greater absorption of proper nutrients and minerals for the brain to function, and thus a clearer mind. Trying the Master Cleanse can foster the body mind connection to increased optimal health.

What is Master Cleanse Detoxification? - A Mind Body Connection

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