The Pesticide Detox

A lot of pesticides may have been used in the agricultural fields where our crops were grown and even a few years back this was going on at an alarming rate and this is the reason why one ought t know of the Pesticide Detox.

Throughout the various years we have been subjected to harmful pesticides as they have entered our bodily systems through the food that we intake and the vegetables and cereals that we consume as our daily meals.


Recently activists have pointed out how dangerous it is for the health of our bodies and this has resulted into a decrease in the use of pesticides in the agricultural fields and lands.

But a lot of toxins have entered our body already and therefore detoxification is necessary. Without sitting in a sauna for hours one can detoxify through a simple process which requires one to take four cloves of garlic and one third a cup of sunflower seeds, the same amount of pumpkin seeds as well as selenium nuts and add these with two full cups of fresh Chinese parsley or coriander, four tablespoons of lemon juice, two third a cup of flax seed oil and two tablespoons of dulse powder liquid aminos.

The coriander and the flax seed are to be blended well and then the rest are to be mixed until it makes a smooth paste.

This mixture is not only supposed to be a great Pesticide Detox but it also removes lead and mercury from the liver and the kidneys.

The Pesticide Detox

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