Stop Smoking - Ways to Stop Smoking Cold Turkey

Some people prefer to reduce the number of cigarettes each day instead of trying to stop smoking cold turkey. Very few people succeed in quitting his habit gradually. If you stop smoking cold turkey, your chance of relapsing is greatly reduced. On the other hand if go for the gradual approach to quit this habit, your will fail in your first few attempts.

Smoking is one of the most deadly addictions but we take it lightly because it affects us slowly. If you have been smoking for a long time, you'd realize how difficult it is to say good bye to this habit. It is quite natural to fail in the first few attempts but it does not mean that you should stop trying. Following are a few tips to stop smoking cold turkey


o There must be a strong motivation behind your decision. There can be many reasons like saving money, winning your girl friend's heart, doing something worthwhile or simply living a healthier life. Write down your strongest motivation somewhere so that you can see it many times a day.

o Avoid the company of your smoker friends.

o Do not start taking something else in place of cigarettes.

o Exercise regularly. Physical activities or rigorous exercise for a few weeks detoxifies your body therefore your cravings for cigarette vanish remarkably. Breathing exercises are the best for quitting smoking

o Do not take nicotine based chewing gums because you do not realize that you are taking nicotine in a different form. Your aim is to quit nicotine addiction and not sticking to it in a different form.

Stop Smoking - Ways to Stop Smoking Cold Turkey

Nicotine based chewing gums are often useless because you relapse into smoking habit sooner or later. If you really want to say good bye to cigarette, try non nicotine based quit smoking program. This is the most effective natural way to quit smoking cold turkey because your nicotine consumption stops suddenly without causing any withdrawal symptoms. Read complete review of this product and take the first step to say good bye to this habit.

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