Detox Diet - The 24 Hour Detoxification Diet

All of us need some bodily detoxification from time to time, and here is a tried and tested 24 hour detoxification liquid diet.

If you have overdone eating or drinking, have smoked too much, here is a 24 hours detox solution for you.


You will need a mixer or food processor, the list of greens and vegetables below and also some filter fresh brewed coffee or tea.

Yes, it is proven that coffee (and tea) are more powerful anti-oxidants than Vitamins C and E combined.


You will need about 1 kilo of fresh spinach, 1 kilo of ruccola, 1 bunch of parsley, 1 bunch of fresh coriander, and filtered or bottled water.

Each dose of the liquid is to be made fresh before consumption, no mixing and storing in the fridge is allowed.

Detox Method

For the 24 hour period, no solid food is allowed. Coffee or tea can be consumed in the morning upon waking, again at mid-day, and a third time at early evening.

Starting from one hour after your morning coffee or tea, mix is equal amounts the spinach, ruccola, parsley and coriander. You may not add any salt...or other seasonings. Mix the herbs with water, and drink one large glass.

Repeat this every hour till you sleep.

Results and Benefits

You will find yourself quite a bit in the bathroom, with constant urination and perhaps some more than usual defecation. This is quite normal, as your body is ridding itself of pollutants. Your kidneys will be very active, and accumulated solid particles will find their way out of your intestines quite quickly.

After the 24 hour period, you will feel very light, clean and refreshed.

It is helpful if during the period you can take a sauna or at least bath frequently in your shower, scrubbing your skin with a shower brush to aid the skin also to expel accumulated toxins.

Ask your Doctor

This diet is completely safe for use on a 24 hour period, but just in case, ask your doctor if you can do this diet before you begin. You may have some conditions that would not allow a liquid fast.

How Frequently Can One Detoxify?

Normally not more than one or two days a month should this diet be followed, but in some cases, and with a doctor's permission, the diet can be followed one day a week.

Unexpected Benefits from the Detox Diet

Should you be on a diet, or wishing to lose weight, the detox diet is great to give you diet a needed boost. You will find that after 24 hours on a liquid fast, you will be lighter, no question about it.

Post-Diet Diet

On the day following your detox diet, do not drink any alcohol or eat any heavy food such as meat or fish. It is best on the day after the fast to have salads, some light soups, and for protein, simply cooked chicken.

Detox Diet - The 24 Hour Detoxification Diet


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