Detox - Can Our Internal Organs Be Cleaned?

Herbal cleansing is a good way of detoxifying your body, which is mild and comfortable to use. Use of natural herbs and plants in a detox procedure helps in avoiding any unwanted side effects of a detox procedure. Researchers agree that herbal detox is one of the safest ways to detoxify your body.

The ability of the human body to clean itself gets eroded due to the excess build up of toxins in the body. Having nutritious foods and taking extra supplementation will go a long way in addressing the problem of toxin build up in the body. Though the role of herbal supplements is a matter of debate, it is well worth a try.


The kidneys, intestines, liver, lungs and colon can all be cleaned by the use of herbal detox. Herbal detoxes are safe and very cost effective with little or no visible side effects.
There are many herbal detox products that can be got today in the form of capsules and pills. There are also herbal teas and juices available, which can be mixed instantly with water to detox the internal organs.

Detox - Can Our Internal Organs Be Cleaned?

Herbal teas are very good in that they are very mild and do not cause much discomfort to the drinker. These teas are not only good cleansers but also act as stimulants and restore your energy levels.

Herbal detoxification of the colon

The colon is the passage way through which the majority of toxins are eliminated from the body. Cleansing the colon first is of prime importance in any detox program. Herbal detox can be used in cleaning the colon, not only because of its effectiveness but also because it is very mild in nature. The herbal detox products lay stress on the use of laxative agents as its ingredients, as the colon has to be kept clean and the digestive tract free from any residual toxins. Psyllium is a good colon cleanser.

Herbal detoxification of the liver

The liver is responsible for ensuring continuous supply of nutrients to the rest of the body and also ensuring the assimilation of all nutrients from the foods we eat. Hence the cleaning of the liver is of primary importance to maintain a healthy state of the body. Some of the herbal detox products used in the cleaning of the liver include burdock, dandelion and gentian.

Herbal detoxification of the kidneys and lymph

The lymphatic system is responsible for carrying toxic waste to the kidneys or liver from where they will be flushed out through the colon. Cleavers, Goldenseal and Echinacea are some of the good lymph cleansers.

Kidneys are very important in that, they ensure the supply of good clean blood to all the other parts of the body. It is very important to keep the kidneys clean, so as to enable it to discharge its duties effectively. Hydrangea root and birch tea are some effective kidney cleansers.

A good detox diet will have herbal ingredients that are safe, effective and that give longer beneficial results for a healthy life.

Detox - Can Our Internal Organs Be Cleaned?

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