Detox - How to Know If You Need to Detox

Do you need to detox? Consider this: we live on a poisoned planet. The air we breathe is full of automobile and manufacturing emissions. The water we drink and bathe in is chlorinated and fluoridated, and the toxins from the plastics all around us are harming us. And that's just the beginning. Our poisoned planet is poisoning US.

Yes, it's depressing. But the reality is that even if we eat perfectly healthful diets (which we don't), our bodies get toxic. Toxic, as in, a degree. That's because lots of the stuff that goes into us (like from plastics, for example) our bodies can't get rid of. They just were not created to deal with these unnatural things. So, our bodies store them, locked away. But they're not truly locked away, no. They cause our bodies to develop dis-ease: to not function right. To not feel well.


Do you feel well? Do you have as much energy as you should?

Detox - How to Know If You Need to Detox

I have an electric teapot. It boils water very quickly. It comes in handy. I also have very hard mineral containing tap water. (It's less when I use my filtered water, but it's still there. And no, I'm not advising folks to drink tap water! ) After several days of use, the teapot gets a hard white film on the bottom of it. I can swish some of it away, but if I don't do anything about it, it will continue to grow. Until one day I heat up water for some herbal tea, pour it in my cup, and see gross flakes of white stuff floating around. Yuck.

So, I need to clean that stuff off. Break it up, dissolve it. I pour some white vinegar on it and let it sit for an hour and presto! It's gone. Just like that. Of course, it will build up again, but I know how to clean it.

The same concept applies to many things. If you want to have a house you enjoy, you must declutter it. If you want a kitchen without bugs, you must clean it. And if you want a body that feels good and works well, you must detoxify it. All things must get cleaned and maintained to work properly. What's more important than taking care of your body so that you can feel good and have good health?

How do you know whether or not you need to detox? It's quite simple. If you're sick, you need to detox. If you feel great but know you don't eat as healthfully as you should, you need to detox. And if you feel great, eat a perfect diet, but live anywhere near plastic, EMF's or basically anywhere on this planet, you need to detox.

Remember that your body simply was not built to deal with the things it encounters in today's world. Every so often you can "give it a good scrub," and it will feel great.

You don't have to be a "health nut" in order to consider doing a detox; my entire family (including young children) recently participated in a gentle detox program. A combination of diet modification and supplements is all that is needed. And changing your diet alone can do great things.

Think about it.

Detox - How to Know If You Need to Detox

Dr. Kim Goldman is a Chiropractic Physician. She raises five children at home, balancing natural and healthy living with "real life." She uses her knowledge of health and her passion for sharing it on her blog: Get more healthy tips for real families at: