Detoxify The Body Using These Tips

In order to detoxify the body, one must first clean out the digestive tract in order for the cleaning action to take place at a deeper level. Detoxifying at a deeper level is just as important as cleansing the body externally, and it can help solve a lot of health problems in the long run.

The digestive tract, including the small and large intestines, can become clogged with toxins overtime if they are not nourished with the proper foods. Once that happens, the toxins begin to leach out into the blood stream and are transferred throughout the body. As a result of this, excess weight is gained and the body is at a higher risk of developing serious diseases.


Detoxifying the body naturally is a way of life and can be done on a daily basis with a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Cleaning the Colon

"Colon" is just another name for the large intestine. This is where the most junk accumulates, and thus it is the place to start when doing any type of detoxification.

The concept of cleaning the colon is very simple and can be done with a change in the diet. Lot's of fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds and herbs and spices are very beneficial for cleansing the colon. What makes them so effective is the fiber that they contain. Although the body cannot absorb fiber, it nevertheless is an important part of the diet because it helps to expel the toxins from within the digestive tract.

Once the colon is cleaned, the body can begin to work on the small intestine and the rest of the body as well.

Note: When cleaning the colon, it is important that all toxic substances are avoided as much as possible. This includes processed foods, animal foods, refined sugar and other junk foods.


It is very important to keep the body well hydrated during a detox. The water travels throughout the cells and picks up any debris and expels it via the sweating mechanism or in the urine. The more toxins that are present, the more fluids are necessary in order to detoxify the body.

Some of the beneficial liquids to include are herbal and spice teas, fresh fruit and vegetable juices and clean water. Fluids to avoid are those that contain sugar or caffeine, such as coffee, sodas, and energy drinks.

Juice Fast

When the body is ready, one can do a juice fast in order to further cleanse and strengthen the digestive system. One can start with a half-day or a one-day fast and work up to longer fasts that last for several weeks.

Organ Cleanses

There are also various organ cleanses that can be performed periodically in order to detoxify the body at an even deeper level. They can be performed after the colon, which is also an organ, is cleansed. Common organ cleanses include a kidney and a liver cleanse. Like the colon, these are also elimination organs, and once cleaned, can help to clean the rest of the body as well.

Detoxify The Body Using These Tips

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