Detox Patches - Are They A Scam Or Do They Really Work?

The latest health fad is the use of detox patches to clear the body of poisons and toxins. While many people believe these patches work and clear out toxins as they are advertised to do, the science behind the patches is questionable.

For those not familiar with the product, detox patches are basically an absorbent pad with adhesive around the edges that can be stuck to the body. The patches are filled with powdered ingredients such as bamboo vinegar, wood vinegar and mushrooms, which are supposed to draw the toxins out of the body onto the pad. The user puts on a clean white pad on the affected body part, sleeps eight hours with it in place, then removes the pad the next morning to find it filled with a gunky black sludge that is supposed to be the toxins pulled from the body by the pad.


While the pads can be placed in any location on the body, they are most frequently used on the feet. This is in accordance with the study of reflexology which states each organ system in the body corresponds to a zone on the feet. By placing these detox patches on the feet; they are supposed to stimulate these zones, thus causing each organ system to release its toxins.

Detox Patches - Are They A Scam Or Do They Really Work?

While I am not an expert on the subject the way these detox patches are supposed to work is highly reminiscent of the foot spa scam of several years ago. People were reportedly going to spas where they would have their feet soaked in a tub of salt water charged with a slight electrical charge. Like the detox patches, this soak was also supposed to pull the toxins out of the body. To most people, the practice seemed to work because the soaking water would turn dark as their feet soaked. As time went by, however, we learned it wasn't actually the toxins at all that made the water dark, some say it was rust coming from the metal electrodes after they were placed in the water, while other think it was some sort of chemical reaction. At any rate, no toxins were actually being pulled from the feet.

Anyone with even a basic knowledge of biology will tell you that poisons and toxins cannot be pulled or drawn through the skin by anything. While some nutrients are passed through the skin via the pores, the skin is generally impermeable to most other substances. It also doesn't make sense that putting a patch on the feet would cause all of the toxins in the body to be pulled to the feet overnight. This goes against the way science has proven that the body works. Even if the detox patches did have some power to pull toxins and poisons out of the body's cells, these toxins would enter the bloodstream where they would be filtered out by the liver and kidneys and excreted as urine.

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to detox, remember, nothing quick and easy is worth doing. If you are serious about cleaning your body of toxins, detox patches are not a good choice.

Detox Patches - Are They A Scam Or Do They Really Work?

Raylen Sterling is the author of the best selling Master Cleanse Secrets ebook and publisher and the publisher of the Lemonade Diet blog that is a hub of the natural body cleansing and detoxing community.