How To Start A Natural Detox Process - Intro to 3 Day Detox Program (Part 3)

Finally, you've reached the last part of the 3 Day Introductory series and it's great that you already are aware how your body is working along with the toxins that you encounter in life. You may probably ask yourself now, "How can I get started then?" Well, here are some simple tips that you could do to experience a home based body detox as soon as possible.

How to finally start detoxifying the body?


When you feel uncomfortable or aching, that means your body needs some rejuvenating to help revive it in its normal, healthy state. At the same time, you'll need detoxifying activities to eliminate the toxins inside you on a step by step and natural process. One recommended program to start off with is through a 3 Day detox diet at home. 3 Day detox is the minimum recommended "trial" detoxifying process by experts to prevent altering from one routine to another too fast. This also helps the body recognize the changes you put in before you go ahead onto much advanced body detox programs.

So, first step is to review your food stuff. Cut down toxins in your intake through foods containing refined sugars, alcohol, saturated fats, caffeine, and also negative vices in which foods get combined with such as liquor and cigarettes. Take note that these kinds of toxins greatly affect your immune system that helps the body to battle and without completely erasing these poisonous contents, your body gets weaker and weaker as you age which is what you're going to prevent.

Next is the use of personal toiletries such as toothpastes, mouthwashes, deodorants, shampoos, etc which contain chemicals that may or may not be harmful for your health. Thus, these things are necessary but should be used with caution since some of the chemicals can reside into your body for a long time that can seep its natural detox program.

Have that head-start 3 Day detox program

Fortunately today, there are various choices in which you can start your 3 Day detox diet and program to help sustain your body's detoxification. Programs mostly include healthy diets and breathing exercises that suit the lifestyle you wanted. Here are some of the fun examples that you could test straight for three days:

Water Fasting

As the name indicates, this detox program requires you to only consume water during the whole water fast. While the water plays important role in flushing away toxins, it simply eliminates unwanted wastes by cleaning the digestive tract down to the other organs and letting them repair themselves and regenerate. Drinking 8-10 glasses of water daily could be a great start.

Diet Change

Changing your diet is one of the ultimate rules in body detoxification. If you're always into packaged, processed foods and junk foods previously, then you must switch your diet now to fresh fruits and vegetables and also whole grains. By doing this, you'll also reduce intake of saturated fats, cholesterol and other food content that may harm your health.


Sauna is popular all over the world and it's most effective in removing toxins from the body by letting you sweat and breathe in calm environment. It's most effective the more fat build-ups reduced while you seek these sauna packages regularly. Though for much extensive 3 Day detox results, combine saunas with nutritional supplements, good exercise and also healthy diet.

Skin Brush

As mentioned earlier, the skin is one of these vital organs playing detox in the body. So brushing your skin is a gentle yet efficient way of detoxification. While brushing is done, dead cells get removed and lymphs are stimulated. As a result, toxins are released out through the skin. To perform this 3 Day detox program, use a dry skin brush preferably made of soft vegetable bristles. Also, brush the soles of your feet in circular motion for a minute.


Yoga stimulates oxygenation in the body's bloodstream so this also completes the list in your 3 Day detox program. You could also do the yoga for three days straight as combined with healthy lifestyle. This releases abundant energy and enhances the body's physical processes. While the various positions and postures in yoga gently massage the internal organs, your body tends to automatically excrete harmful toxins letting you activate the energy within you.

Starting up with these healthy rejuvenating 3 Day detox processes, you already are letting your body lengthen its functions to help you sustain a healthy and happy life. These are just few of the exercises but these common cleansing methods could be a great head-start. Now that you already know how both your body and what you can do can detoxify your system, consistency is important for all these activities to take effect in the long term.

How To Start A Natural Detox Process - Intro to 3 Day Detox Program (Part 3) Learn how to cleanse your body using a 3 day detox. On this blog you will find lots of tips and step by step tutorials on how to complete a 3 day detox for your body.

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